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Our Pizzas

"Making a quality pizza using Better Ingredients has been the foundation of Woodley Pizza since beginning. You have our commitment that woodley pizza will not stray from the foundation of quality & superiority upon which it was built. We will always strive to be your 'Better' Pizza takeout."

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    We must keep Quality, The Main Thing. We will consistently deliver a traditional superior-quality pizza.

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    We never cut corners by using, pre-cut vegetables on our pizzas. We go the extra mile to ensure our vegetables are always fresh, so they're ripe and full of flavor for you!

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    Our high-protein, unbleached wheat flour and filtered water gives woodley Pizza an original dough offering unique balance of flavor and chewy, crisp crust.

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    We're committed to using only authentic, superior-quality halal meats on our pizzas. Our chicken and beaf are sourced from suppliers compliant with HMC to give you 100% assurance.

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